Quality Time

A lot of us tend to over-extend ourselves and lose ourselves in other people and activities.⁣ Most of what we do as “me time” are really just more distractions from being with ourselves.⁣

Spending quality time with yourself means treating yourself like you would a good friend.⁣ Ask yourself stuff that you would ask a friend, and truly listen to and care about what they say.⁣ Have a real, respectful, engaged conversation with yourself. You’ll be surprised how natural it feels.⁣

Your focus must be inward for it to count as quality time with yourself that means directing your attention inside yourself: Your mind, your heart, your body, your soul.

Imagine your attention is a flashlight. Shine it inside of you. Explore your inner home. Go into those rooms you haven’t entered in a while. Brush aside those cobwebs. Take stock of what’s in those closets.Face yourself plainly and without fear. Care about what you see even if you don’t like it. Because that is you. Be with it.⁣

Quality time with yourself means raising the quality of the time you spend with yourself.⁣ Not only do you start to like yourself better, but you also get to know yourself better. ⁣

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