Out of the Box

People often speak about thinking outside the box, How it is done? The key is to “define the box in any given situation and then to seek alternative, often unconventional solutions that would be considered beyond the norm.

When you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, train yourself to not merely focus on the specific issue at hand but also think more expansively about all of the reasons and the paths that led to the issue. Consider every possibility and hypothetical alteration of that reality along the path, never being dismissive of anything. When you do this, alternative solutions will often materialize giving you options you did not see when narrowly focusing on a specific issue.

Below are simple steps which help in this:-

1. Identify the issue.

2. Determine whether a regular or typical solution to the problem exists.If one does, you’re done. If no, map out everything that went into creating the issue. In this aspect, be expansive.

3. Start looking for ways to address the situation in one of the more outlying areas that was not considered previously. Consider everything.

Teach yourself to look at problems more expansively. Never be dismissive of a potential solution before you have thoroughly thought it through. Think outside the proverbial box.

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