Never Look Back

Do you ever think of going back for comfort, nostalgia, boredom or merely because what you’re currently going through is tough. You found that the grass wasn’t actually greener. It’s a whole different shade altogether.As alluring as it is to go back,you mustn’t.

It’s time to put one foot in front of the other, letting go of your grasp of what could’ve been.It’s time to put all of your energy into the bountiful present. Hopefully and intently looking toward the beautiful mystery of what is to come.

There are many reasons for never going back some of which can are summarised below:-

  • Time has passed and it waits for no one. So every moment should be focused on building the reality we seek.
  • You were supposed to go through that since all of your life experiences,the things you had no control over and every choice you have made so far have made you strong.
  • There are lessons here and now. It is essential for you to be aware of your patterns ,focus on what is in front of you today and what is it teaching you.
  • Stop repeating old patterns. You’ve to break free from the bondage that once held you back.

Own every messy detail and come out standing a little taller. There is something quite different about a person that lives unapologetically, striving to be the most authentic expression of themselves while morphing into their glorious potential.

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