Move On

Move On” is not Just forget about the past; Get over it; Look onward to the future; Keep yourself busy with other things, there is more.There is past baggage to clear and subconscious, erroneous beliefs to untangle before we really move on. All these require “an ability to think consciously and to maintain a level of objectivity”

The amount of baggage that is stored inside all this while, despite actively living consciously is so much that it affirms “the journey of conscious growth never ends – it’s an ongoing one.”

There is so much baggage created from a relatively short period of time shows a lot of mental baggage is pretty much self-created. It’s compounded by our projections of people, assumptions of situations, expectations of how relationships should be, etc.

The moving-on process will take time. If you are still holding on to what could have been, it’s time to release yourself. Implement the CLEAR formula in your life and see the magic it creates:-

CClean the Baggage by Feeling the Emotions, understanding the source, then releasing them slowly.

LLet Go of the pain and the unfulfilled desires or expectations.

E – Express the emotions completely. Don’t suppress them inside you.

A – Act on new resolutions and goals.

R – Recognise that you are there for yourself always.

Think of it as a journey. Whatever you do, you will definitely be making progress every step along the way. Be it bitter or sweet, each time you are clearing baggage, bit by bit. Each step is an act of healing in itself.

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