Jump Start your Life

Imagine yourself everyday full of Energy and Determination to work on achieving your Goals. Not just your mind, all of your body and soul will be focused on achieving them. Is this possible since we actually give up things which take time to happen? What can we do to just being focused on the Goals? We can “Jump Start our Life.”

Think of “Jump Start” as “Providing a new Energy and a fresh approach to achieve our Goals.” It’s like a breath of fresh air . You just have to implement the Principle of PASS:-

P – Give yourself a Personal Challenge everyday to always do a little more then you have decided. Go an extra mile.

A – Adapt to the situations of life. Convert the usual negative emotions into positive ones. For Eg. An Insult into a Lesson or an Old perspective to a new one.

S Speak not just in front of mirror but also after choosing a random topic, just sit and speak aloud loud on that resulting in increase in creativity.

S – Seek for the knowledge from anywhere around you as it makes you grow and mature in life.

Let this life become the one you want to live. Put all your focus and determination making it the life you love.

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