Fair and Square

Fair and Square – this idiom you might have heard either while watching a contest or a competition or Sports event. It means Honest,Just and By the rules. There is no cheating involved in any way.

But is it always possible to be Fair and Square ? Everywhere around us, there are some things out of our control and we are unable to do anything about them since we are bound by the rules and regulations. Do we actually act Fair and Square or there are times where we have to act a little out of the box. Try to observe your actions everyday and you will know the answer.

Thoughts and Actions have profound impact on our Professional as well as Personal lives. If we act Fair and Square without thinking about the outcomes which cannot be on our side always, we are paving the Path of Success by building up a strong foundation of Trust and Honesty.

A brother and sister were having lunch with their parents for a New Year’s celebration:-

Luke: Mom and Dad, I hope you like all this food I prepared.
Mother: It seems quite elaborate and expensive. Are you sure you can afford all this food?
Ella: Don’t worry, Mom. Luke earned that money fair and square.
Father: What do you mean?
Luke: I got the money as a reward for winning a boxing match.
Mother: Well, as long as you obtained the money through honest means, I suppose that’s fine.

Remember to be patient because if we act Fair and Square , we are helping ourselves grow professionally as well as personally.

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