Doing the Right Thing

I am sure this phrase had been heard by everyone so much in life that we all consider it as a part of it now. Still it is the most simplest yet very effective phrase to make our decision-making process easier.

Believe it or not, Doing the Right Thing brings people closer to you..even the ones who are against you. Deep down in your heart you know what the Right thing is so its just the small step of doing it.

Instead of thinking about what the consequences of Doing the Right thing, you can just do it and see for yourself what is the outcome.

For instance, I came to know about a guy who gave some very negative views after reading one of my blogs. I instead of just giving him a hard hitting response thought of at least ask him what was wrong and came to know that he was actually was going through a bad phase and while scrolling on LinkedIn , he came across the post and just felt like ranting and writing something. In the end, we actually became very good friends after all the misunderstandings got cleared. Doing the Right thing

This surely explains a lot about what we give comes back manyfolds to us.

You may try a very simple experiment. Commit to embracing the idea that doing the right thing is always the right thing. Play with this idea for a week. Do nothing but the right thing even if it means you lose, don’t get what you want or have to be uncomfortable because of the decision.

Once you’ve experienced what it’s like to do the right thing, you’ll live that way from now on.

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