Ball is in your Court

If you had ever watched a game of Tennis , these words would have been heard by you. Simply, they mean, “Now, it’s your turn to make the next move”.

But in our daily lives too, this idiom is very much applicable. For instance, say you have done all you can on a project assigned to you and submitted the observations. Now, the outcome will be shared by your superiors. So, this means The Ball is in their Court since they will be making the next move.

But what if The Ball is in your court always!!! It would mean that you have the power to shape your future in the way you want to but just like a very Delicious Food delicacy is made by utilising the best ingredients, similarly, Hardwork, Practice, Dedication and Focus are the key ingredients for your journey towards ultimate success.

Make the Move…😊😊

Always remember, when a Opportunity knocks on your door, be aware , utilise and make the most of it to ensure the kind of Life you always wanted in the end.

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