Raise the bar higher

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed”- Mia Hamm,American Soccer Player

We keep on achieving and learning every single day. There is something inside us – a fire, a desire, a feeling to just accomplish something but then what? Don’t we stop ,take a breath, rest and then again move on to the next big thing.

After every victory, we celebrate and get compliments,gifts and praises but do we raise our standards to become an example to others. It’s not important to expect any thing from others but its really necessary to expect more for yourself every single day.

Raise the Bar higher.There is the whole new world outside waiting for you, welcoming you to break those barriers around you which you have confined yourselves to.

Raise the Bar higher. Utilise the Knowledge you have to grow more and more consistently every single day by applying it to enhance your skills and experiencing something new – Out of the Box.

Raise the Bar Higher. Become a seeker and embark on a journey towards the unknown to experience the immense potential you have. Test yourself and let your actions decide the outcomes. Its better to do something rather then nothing.

Always remember to “Act better than before; grow higher than usual; think faster than normal”

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