Hey , Mom, I love you

Okay ,so I have never done this in my life ever , but this Covid 19 outbreak has just hit the right chord there in…. This virus pandemic has brought every damn thing, activity, person and places at halt. Everything is at hold. But there is just one person who has been holding us , binding us
together with love , care , support and everything she has got in herself, and that is none other than MOM.

Not just a word , an emotion in itself. Ever since we got our vision and senses , she has been the most beautiful creation for us. The only person who will never laugh if you cry, the one who will never let you crave for a hug (will always give 10 if you need 1). So cute that is…
Ask for 500$ , she’ll end up giving 100, but ask her to give 1 slice of bread , she will give 4.
The woman for whom her child will be the most beautiful creation on the planet earth, no matter how bad you look. Lol!

And there is an ocean to right down here about her… All I can say is…. Thank you Mom , for being there to hug me happily when I became the topper of the school.Thank you for waiting till late,
starving, just to give me company over dinner. Thank you for the hot plate of food that you keep ready as soon as I arrive from the work. Thank you for helping me achieve everything that I have right now. Thank you for the lap you gave when I went through the heart break. Thank you for being unstoppable throughout your motherhood.

Embracing your existence till I lose my last
I love you MOM…..more and even more…..

Your not so lovable daughter

Pooja Shrivastava

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