The Leap

Ever thought about taking a leap from where you are to where you want to be. We all wish to live our life in a simple yet Beautiful style. We aspire to have growth in our personal as well as professional lives.

But our lives are now mostly spent in working a 9 to 5 job and if we want a raise, we have to work a little extra. We are so immersed in our work that we don’t even think of doing something else. What if we spent sometime to work on what we are passionate about like our hobbies along with our official work.

Have you ever thought of just doing something which will eventually make you happy and help you grow but don’t go for it in fear of losing a part of you? What will happen if you do it for once? At least you had tried ,is this not inspiring you ?

We have to take risks in our lives. Everyday try to do at least one thing which you are afraid of or have thought of doing. This will help you get rid of the fear and inspire you do keep doing what you want.

Life is like a pandora box. It has so many things in store for us. We have to be aware when the opportunity strikes. What we have to do is Take a Leap. It may not be a giant one but a small one. Be consistent with this as every step you take forward will eventually emerge as a Giant Leap.

One thing which you will definitely observe when you take a leap is Your surroundings will change dramatically – The People, the Environment but you just keep walking and don’t look back.

Take a leap into the Unknown without being afraid so that you can know what you are capable of. Something will happen.

World renowned Theoretical Physicist Sir Stephen Hawking has said ,”There is no prescribed route to follow to arrive at a new idea. You have to make the intuitive leap“.

Everyday keep reminding yourself that ” You have got to take a leap if you want to soar

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