Make it happen

How many times you have thought of doing things and then just have not done it to regret that later? Even when you get reminded of that thing, have you tried to execute it or still procrastinated further and further?

The Desires,wishes,goals and resolutions – have you tried ever to note them down somewhere and then step by step, one by one started making that happen? If you have ,then I ensure you , it is the Beginning.

For instance, I have in last year have made a list of resolutions for this year on my mobile. As 2020 started, I began to work on those resolutions one by one. First on my list was Start a Blog which I did and it has encouraged me to keep on working on that list. The thing that helped me the most here for fulfilling my first resolution was “Being consistent after executing it”. I guarantee you , this will start a new chapter in your life.

One more thing which helped me was “The Intense desire I had to make it happen” . Stopping was never an option. My mind was just filled up with the thoughts like how can I make this happen , the different approaches to be taken, etc.

But here is the catch. In order to make it happen, we should always have a control on ourselves. The desire to execute it so much, we may forget ourselves in doing that. Keep a check on yourself everyday – thoughts,emotions, intentions and Be calm at ease. This will help you grow and make it happen.

In the words of Renowned American Baseball Coach Tommy Lasorda,”There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened. Choice is yours. Do you want to make it happen or just watch or wonder about it?

Always remember the Proverb which we all have heard of right from our childhood,”Where there is a will, there is a way”. If you have the will and desire to achieve the goal, you will make it happen.

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