The Pause

Have you ever observed when you keep on thinking and then there out of nowhere you just stop it..Its like you have pressed the “Pause” Button?? Isn’t Pause a part of our everyday life during conversations, reading ,writing, etc. ?

It is actually very important. You might have seen Renowned Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Anchors pause when they speak and address the audience. Why do you think they do that? They do to let the words get sink and absorbed into the minds of the audience. Its the impact of those words they speak which actually makes the Pause an important factor .

When you are having a conversation with someone, try to pause in between. Firstly, it will help in making the conversation more easier to understand and secondly, it leaves a imprint on others mind.

Life is teaching us every single day to take some time and spend it with yourself. Its like taking a Pause which does not mean to stop but to relax yourself and enjoy what life has given us. The peace and calm you will experience cannot be described in words.

The Pause is like taking a power nap. It refreshes us and keep us grounded. We will enjoy the beauty around us more and more.Things will start making sense and you will be always in a cheerful mood.

In the words of Author Drishti Bablani which show us the Importance of Pause,. “Pause
Pause to feel the little Joys of life.
Pause to reflect on the learnings they imbibe. For these Pauses are the ones that fulfill your life.

Just sit back ,relax and enjoy the life everyday for a while by taking a Pause. Make it worth your while.

As one of the Greatest Writer of all time, Mark Twain has said, “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause”.

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