Change is Growth

Have you observed yourself closely in day to day life? The things around us are there arranged in a organised manner. If they are changed a little bit out of place, its something new for our mind. We tend to observe them so closely for sometime but gradually we accept the change.

Change is important – we all know this but have we accepted it completely?🤔🤔There is a certain peace and calm in us when everything is just there in a way we want. We don’t want it to change. If change happens, we feel like now our life will be different and not the way we want it to live. But why are we scared if change happens?

What if we change our way of thinking? Life is a Wonderful Teacher.If it has made some changes around us, it will definitely be for our Growth.

Change is Growth not just for us but for everyone around us. Have you ever observed a single change you have made in your lifestyle may have affected others in a certain way. They may have got inspired or motivated from you and even you would have been motivated by them.

For instance, let me share my experience. When I started Blogging (as a new year resolution for 2020 😄😄) , it was something new , a change , a growth. I just keep on going and the love and appreciation I received, it made me feel inspired and motivated to keep going.

It all depends on us. What is our perspective towards the changes happening in our life? We can view it as a new experience which will help us grow or does not allow it to affect us in any way so that the life goes on just as it is.

American Author Emily Maroutin has wonderfully explained the importance of Change,” You’re not stuck. You’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. The reason why you can’t move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life. Change the formula to get a different result

So, be the change you want to see around yourself. It will help you to Grow as a person and make you more grounded.

Always remember this ,“Nothing changes if nothing changes”.