Wake up

Are you Awake? Its a question which is to be deeply think upon. We have dreams during our sleep. We have desires, resolutions and goals. Are we working towards achieving them? Yes indeed, We are. But are you ever satisfied with the efforts you out into and the results you get?

There are so many questions yet no definite answers. The answers we have are provided by society with which we are at peace for a very long time and never have even questioned their judgement.

What if we Wake up? Wake Up and complete our dreams and desires. Rather then just keep thinking about them or proscrastinating them , we work on them and make them happen.

Wake up and realise what you are. The Power you have to create a life you want. It is well known that “We are the creators of our own Destiny”. This is not the quote, it is real. We have been given a perfect tool – Our Mind – The incredible tool which will make us or break us depending upon what we choose.

Wake up every morning with thoughts of not just to have a routine 9 to 5 job but to do more then that; to try your best for breaking the limits and the bonds you have created which are keeping you from doing things you really want.

Wake up to the listen to the sound of chirping of birds, blowing of wind, flowing of water and beautiful waves in the ocean . Early mornings are the best time to unleash the potential you have to create the life you want.

Wake up not just from the outside but from the inside. Beware of the immense power you have inside which you can use for not just you but to help this whole humanity.

Wake Up every morning with determination to go to bed every night with satisfaction. Live your dreams, fulfill your desires and make every moment of this life count.

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