Being You

It is very well known that “We are Born alone and we will die alone”. The journey between these two extremes is what we are actually living. Then the question arises ,”Are we living our life as we want or as the society has made us to live?”

Have you ever enjoyed Being You? Each one of us is Unique . We just need to realise our True Potential. You are here not to prove anything to anyone but to BE YOU.

People are afraid of many things like Status, What will the others think about us, etc. But have you ever thought what do you think about yourself? Do we really have to prove ourselves to others everytime? Think about it🤔🤔

We are born in this world to experience this extraordinary Journey called “LIFE” . The people in your life are there to make you learn something. Even the ones who are closest to you are there to guide you till you “Become your own Guide“.

Society does impact our lives but it doesn’t Define it. It all depends on us how much we allow it to affect us.

People actually underestimate themselves. They compare what they have with each other. Do we really need to compare our own lives with those of others?🤔🤔 We can be inspired or motivated by many eminent personalities . Learn from them and move on with our lives. We shouldn’t see what all they have , we should have them too. The thing to actually to be focused upon is what all we want in our lives.

In the words of Author Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

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