Express Yourself

Do you actually express what you feel??🤔🤔Be it any Emotion or Feeling, haven’t you suppress them so deep inside that they are either forgotten or hurt you very much?

What if you express the Feeling or show the Emotion at the same time when it is there?Is there any harm?The worst thing which will happen is people will make fun of you.Am I right?

Now, it all depends on you, You are born in this world for a Purpose which you are fulfilling everyday. Is it really matter what People say about you? Whatever they say, its on you to let it sink inside you deeply and make you suffer OR you can just ignore them and keep moving on with your life. CHOICE IS YOURS.

I was a Introvert. A shy guy who just don’t like getting socially along with people. But I changed. I gradually realised why should I worry what others say about me?🤔 I STARTED TO THANK PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE SAID. It had made me who I am today. Yes, I am still learning but as it is known, “The Journey matters” For me, life is Beautiful journey of which I am a traveller, a seeker and a learner.

Start Expressing Yourself. Be it Love, Anger, Rage, Care , Kindness..Express those feelings ,those emotions. You will be surprised to see People actually admiring you more. Just Be Honest with them.

We have seen how Animals express their feelings towards each other, towards Humans. They are so Open. Why can’t we learn from them?

When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will feel the calm and peace that surrounds you.

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