Calm in the Chaos

Have you ever been away from your Mobiles for a long long time???Have you ever felt living in those days of 80s and 90s where Landline Telephones and meeting in person were the medium of communication??

I had recently gone on a Beautiful Trip to Jammu.There was no network .For complete four days, I felt like living in a paradise , away from the chaos and just spending wonderful moments with my family.

It made me realise why can’t we do this more often you know..Just going away to some quiet and peaceful place. Take a walk under the Trees, listen to the sound of Birds chirping and water flowing(Feels like heaven..Isn’ it??)

I myself have not been much of a traveller but now I really want to.Travelling helps us in knowing ourself more and more.. enjoying some wonderful moments of life.

Technology has indeed made our lives beautiful but what about the feelings of wonder and joy of the moments we enjoy with our families and friends in Person by going out with them and just chilling out??

The wonders of Life will never cease to amaze us.Try to enjoy them.Discover being with yourself.

All we can do is Try to find “Calm in the Chaos“. We cannot always be completely away from the chaos so we need to be creative to find ways to be calm in them.

Make way for experiencing the New Day,A New Phase and a New You.

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