Be Silent and Know

What do you like more – Silence or Chaos…or Both..???Have you ever experienced Silence???

The Human Mind has around 50,000 thoughts per day(Too much??).Why it cannot stop thinking for sometime..just be silent for a little while..

Being silent seems like the simplest thing to do (Have you tried??) but trying it will make your mind go haywire!!!Our minds just can’t be silent. Even if you are chilling out at a nice and cozy place in some beautiful corner of the world, there might be not a single sound in the outside world but inside it is utter chaos.

I had implemented a very simple yet super effective technique to make our mind calm and peaceful. Everyday, we have to “Sit in a very comfortable position at the place which you like, close your eyes and do nothing.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Just observe what is happening in and around you“. For maximum effect, you have to be consistent everyday.

Mind in a relaxed state is a wonderful tool. You can achieve what you think much faster and in an effective way when Mind is calm. Reason is very simple. A relaxed Mind has very few thoughts. Once we assign a task to it(A Goal or a wish), thoughts pertaining to that task start generating and our focus and determination increase. This helps in getting that task completed in very less time.

Also. if you don’t have any wish or goal for now, then Mind in a state of complete relaxation helps you to understand and to know more about your own self.

Choice is yours. Be the person you want to be or the one which others make you to be.

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