Done and Dusted

Ever thought about the things which you have not done???(Reason can be anything be it procrastination or personal reasons..)

We all have soo many wishes,desires, resolutions and goals.Am I right??How do you feel when you don’t achieve them or they are not fulfilled…Angry,Sad,Worried??(Maybe all those emotions along with others)

But here is the catch.It is true we do have unfulfilled desires or wishes but every single day, we wake up in the morning and do what?We just don’t sit idle and do Nothing.We stand up and get ready to face yet another day . Our Routine Life is not just the Routine life, it is so much more then that. Even if you do the same thing everyday, in the long run, you get bored but do you stop working???? NO..NO…NO..

We just can not sit idle and do nothing(Dont believe me, Then Try to do nothing.. Absolutely Nothing!!!)

Every single day we are standing up, observe yourself closely. We are our own inspiration. You can work gradually and steadily everyday to fulfill all those unfinished desires and wishes.There is no need to rush anything.

You are here not to please others but to stand out by doing what you think is the best for you.

Just remember whenever you take a work or you think of something you want to do, GET IT DONE. There should never ever be a trace of that thing left if you give all your efforts and energy for its completion.

You can start by jotting down your Wishes and Goals on a paper or a notepad, focus on completing the one. Be utmost dedicated to it. Till it is done, don’t even think of going for another Goal. Also, when you complete one Goal or fulfill one of your wishes, just write “DONE AND DUSTED” beside that.I ensure you , you will be left with a most beautiful feeling in your life…that of Peace and Satisfaction.

I am reminded here of a wonderful quote by Robert Frost “THE ONLY WAY AROUND IS THROUGH“.

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