Know Yourself

Do you really know about you?Ever thought of yourself as a mystery which you keep unraveling slowly and gradually but still so many things remain to be discovered within you!!!

I, for instance , like to read books of Crime and Thriller genre, watch Tv shows related to crime, mysteries , adventures and thrillers. Then I started to focus on myself. I begin to think of the things I want to do,Goals I want to achieve and get to know a new side of me(I felt like a detective..!)

If we really want to know about ourselves, we should do it slowly and gradually. If you know something about you-a hobby you have or some passion ,focus on that and explore deeply.

It’s like to grow a Beautiful Tree, seeds are to be sowed in the Ground; but also, there are important things like water, manure and sunlight which help the seed to grow.Dedication and efforts are required.

What I do as a small experiment(You an ey it too!!)everyday is that I just sit and talk to myself. Sometimes, I just be silent and let my mind wander around with the thoughts of its own.The result is I am actually now implementing things which I had thought of and not just procrastinate them to do some other day.

We should not focus about what others think of us or what they say about us but rather on ourselves to know about our strengths,weaknesses and talents.

Also, be thankful to yourself for what you had gone through and what you have become.

Be what you want to be,nobody can take that away from you

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