Being Grateful

Have you ever express gratitude towards someone or even to something happening in your life?(Think about it..)

Do this as a little experiment. Try to observe whether you express gratitude towards someone whole heartedly or just because doing it so that the other don’t feel bad.It is indeed a very small thing to do but you will be surprised by the results of this experiment (I ensure you..)

The most wonderful thing about Gratitude is “It makes us happy and contented with what we already have in our lives

Let the gratitude be a part of your life.Show gratitude towards someone even for the small efforts they have done. Make them feel worthwhile and important and that they are just doing great.The immense joy, happiness and wonderful smiles on their faces will make you forget everything for that moment(Just don’t stare at them for long..that will be scary..Hahaha..!!)

In our daily lives, we are already showing gratitude to others in many ways(even we dont notice them!!) like by Being a Listener, Showing Appreciation, Giving small rewards and many more.

But then what about us..our own self?Have we ever been grateful to ourselves?(You may consider this question as Food for thought!!)It sounds really simple but we actually had forgotten to even acknowledge the efforts and hard work we put to live a life we want to Live(Bitter Truth!!)

The calm and peace you get just by being there for yourself; being grateful to yourself for the efforts you put everyday:appreciating yourself(Even by tapping..Try it!!) and respecting yourself for the person you have become is soo Beautiful (I am actually not doing justice by expressing that feeling in words..!!)

In he end, I am reminded of some wonderful words told by Sir John Kennedy,”As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them

“Be Grateful, Be You..Live the life with every moment as new”

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