Newton’s 1st Law

This blog is not about physics(you might be guessing this from the title!!) but it actually will help in understanding one of the most beautiful and fundamental laws of Physics published by Sir Isaac Newton.

The law simply states that “a body remains in the state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless and until an external force acts on it.” Now, this law also applies in our daily life situations and I ensure you it will change your way of thinking(unless of course you read till the end..!!)

Have you ever set a list of goals which you will complete in a defined period of time but were unable to achieve them?(reasons might be so many but let us not get into that …)Answer may or may not be YES.In my case,it is YES.Till last year, whenever I made the list of Goals and planned to complete them , I was only able to achieve some of them(mostly simple ones!!!).For me reasons were many but two of the major ones were Procrastination and Not implementing the course of Actions to be done to acheive those Goals.

Then I came across many articles in accomplished Journals and also got the opportunity to read some beautiful Books which gave me a PUSH(External force) to start working on myself and start implementing the actions to help in achieving the Goals which I had set.2020 is the year a new version of me came into my Life.

So, coming back to the law, The Body is Me and I was in a state of rest(Just planning and doing nothing) and sometimes in a state of motion (like doing a routine work without knowing its worth) but the journey of my life changed its course when due to the External Forces(Articles,Books,my Parents,Teachers and Friends), I started thinking about one thing(You heard it right..just one single thing…!!), to be the Best version of me by training my mind to have thoughts focused towards achieving the Goals.

Beleive me, in today’s era of 9 to 5 Jobs, a mere Single Push or an External force is enough to change your life provided you are ready to just get out of your comfort zone and face the challenges head on.

Make every single moment of this beautiful life count.

As it is well known,”The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little EXTRA” So , do a little Extra and be a little extraordinary every single day of your life.

Till we meet again….

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