Inner Peace

Have you ever experienced complete silence ?By complete silence, I mean not just from the outside(like sitting in a meditative posture..)but also from the inside(thoughts flowing in your mind..).

You might have heard about Ancient times where people just love doing their work,enjoying little and beautiful moments of happiness with their loved ones but they were happy from the inside.

In today’s era,due to our daily work schedules and even on weekends, we are soo busy with work that we get very little(Almost No!!) time to spend with ourselves.

Try to be with yourself at least on the weekends(not the whole day!!).Take some time off work and just do what you like(maybe a hobby which you have..).Read a book or Dance like a baby(I had done this and felt literally like a baby!!).This will help you to know soo much about yourself.

When I realised that there is always constat chaos in my mind(it was soo exhausting!!),my mother suggested me to just Sit,close your eyes and let the thoughts come.Don’t fight them, just be a observer(This was for just 5 minutes!!) .I must say it was one of the most wonderful experience of my life.

Inner Peace actually happens ,not immediately but gradually.What we have to do is just take out 5 minutes..just 5 minutes out of our daily routine life to sit in a quiet place(of your choice ..) and do nothing(absolutely nothing!!).I guarantee you,there will literally be a new version of you within no time.

I am reminded of one of the most beautiful words of Gautam Buddha,”Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Experience this beautiful life in a brand new way. “Just Be You and Be with you

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