At the turn of every year, we are overwhelmed by the desire to renovate our bodies, our faces, our mind, our ambitions – in short, our lives.

The ultimate makeover is nothing but a change of mindset. Inculcate some micro habits some of which are mentioned below:-

👉🏼Every morning,tell yourself the coming hours are filled with open-ended potential for you to take action that will change your life forever.

👉🏼Your intuition speaks to you every day. Every time you ask yourself a question, your intuition sends you an answer. Our inability to accept those answers make us hold ourselves back. Listen to yourself harder.

👉🏼Think hard about how you can better your life. Work towards the answers. Let your inner self be the Guide for your complete makeover.

Remember that if your inner world i.e. the World of thoughts, intuitions is clearer, your outer world automatically gets Beautiful.


“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary”

“Mountains teach us Modesty“. They inspire us to be durable and prepared without rigidity and inflexibility.

“Mountains teach us awareness of breath“. They remind us to be aware of every breath we take and enjoy every moment of life.

“Mountains teach us that there is no finish line“. They are the physical manifestation of the saying, “It is all about the journey.”

“Mountains teach us that we are all connected”. Nature heals, soothes, restores, and connects us and it is always there, even when we don’t notice. There is no greater lesson than the knowledge that we are all connected.

“Mountains teach us to enjoy the present moment completely“. They teaching life lessons in a way that only nature can.


The river is a teacher with many qualities including soft, playful, gentle, intimidating, pushy, and powerful. It teaches us to “Live in the Present Moment, Enjoy it and Experience it with all your heart.

It teaches us to “Choose the line that empowers you.” Do the thing which you are passionate about because in thr end, that is what gives you the Happiness and Satisfaction of doing something which you love.

It teaches us to “Look where you want to go.” Notice your thoughts and habit patterns and train yourself to look, think, and act in a way that keeps you on the path to where you want to go in life and what you want to create for yourself.

It teaches us to “Be Unique and consider the mistakes as ladders for stepping up in our lives.” Acknowledge what happened, figure out how you can learn from it and then let it go.


Trees are an endless source of knowledge, prepared to teach us and nurture us. Listen , observe and absorb the knowledge they provide. Some of the wonderful things they teach us are:-

Patience:- Being Patient helps us in
controlling the way we respond to things happening in our life.

Strength:- Just like the tree has the
strength to face the storms , even we
do have the strength to face the challenges of our life.

Rest:- In winters, Trees conserve their
energy by entering the state of dormancy. We can also take sometime to rest everyday maybe a power nap in between our work schedules.

Unique:- Just like every tree is unique,
 every individual is Unique . Embrace
 your flaws and delight in what makes
 you “You“. Just be yourself, and grow
 how YOU want to grow.

Foundation :- Just like a tree builds its
strong foundation with the help of
roots, every individual can also build
his own strong foundation and be


Forests are integral to our lives in complex ways that we are only beginning to understand. From reducing stress to carbon sequestering and climate regulation, they play a large role in our health and our planet’s health.

Forests give us no option but to look up, and outside of, our phones. They force us to actually look around when we are there.The wilderness knows that there’s much more that’s important, and it forces you to stay in the moment, to be present.

Just as in the forest, we are all part of one human community, and we depend on one another. If you have a strong foundation, you can weather the strongest storms.

In the forest, disturbances are an integral part of the system, to bring in new life. Similarly, the problems that you are facing will disturb you and force you to change and to grow, to bring new light into your life.

The forests are the best examples of how things endure. How life goes on. In that we probably need to live in the way forests do – simply and without complication.


Nature sets the example we should follow in our self-discovery journey. Stones inspire life skills learning, which is absolutely essential for a stress free and successful life.

Stones teach us to not be afraid of change and the unpredictable – embrace it. Change often leads to miraculous new worlds. Let difficulties shape a different and better you, like those rocks that surrender to the forming power of the waves.

The wonder of this world we’re living in lies in diversity, just like the beauty of a stones on beach lies in the variety of the color, texture and shape of its rocks and pebbles. Stand out from the crowd and celebrate your uniqueness.

Look at things from various angles – change your viewing angle and change your attitude. A different viewpoint you could see the brighter side of a situation.


Life is like the Ocean – it moves us, shapes us, supports us, and awakens us to new shores. And ultimately, life teaches us to be like water ourselves – strong yet calm, steady yet yielding, subtle yet beautiful.

Oceans shapes and feeds our lives and how we view the world around us. They teach us so many things which when implemented in lives make the life more Beautiful.

If you have observe the fisherman, they wait patiently for the fishes. They are persistent and courageous to wait as long as possible . Experience is the key. Oceans help us realise that there are things that cannot be said; they have to be experienced.

The constant change of the ocean erases all that came before. Even the seemingly permanent bottom will one day become a cliff face and then erode down to become beach. Similarly, we should realise that it is a great power in embracing the natural changes that come in our lives.

Oceans teach us that there is great satisfaction that comes from putting your whole self into a task. The reward goes far beyond the moment and connects you with a larger ideal.


Who has not been awed by the beauty of the city or countryside covered in snow? The serenity and whiteness of snow attracts us. Snow is a great Equalizer. has the ability to cover over the impurities of life and remind us of our own purity.

Snow falls gently and silently, teaching us in our own process of educating others and educating ourselves, that we need gentleness.

Snow teaches us to “Slow Down” . Give yourself a little wiggle room and allow for periods of rest and relaxation. Keeping free time in your schedule should be standard for every season of the year.

Snow teaches us “To be Flexible” easing tensions for you and those around you. Accept change and view it an opportunity for new experiences.

Snow brings “Beauty and a Diifferent Perspective” and “Promotes Introspection.” Acknowledge and give thanks for blessings. Listen for the “still small voice” that lends wisdom.


Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world but other then it’s beauty, there is also its ability to spread happiness around despite the fact that it stands on the thorns. It has caught the imagination of numerous poets, writers, artists can help us to glean valuable lessons from its life.

It teaches us that “Life’s Momentary“. Enjoy every moment of your life. Rose has a life span of only few hours but still its fragrance is eternal.

It teaches us that “Life is about spreading Joy.” Just like Rose chooses to spread smile and beauty all around, we should savour these Beautiful moments of life.

It teaches us “To Give.” The Law of Universe is “What you give comes back to you.” Just like Rose follow this law for its whole lifetime, let us give out love, hard work, dedication to reap success, joy and fulfillment.

Remember this Beautiful Flower always to inspire yourself during whole life. Let it be a symbol of positivity for you.


Sunflowers are associated with truth, honesty, and loyalty. Life takes many turns, just like sunflowers turn themselves to follow the light of the sun, fulfilling their natural magic. But in our case, we have to turn on our inner lights to guide us along paths where nothing is guaranteed, certain, or practical.

They teach us “To keep on Growing” be what conditions are there around you. Personal growth is achievable in all every moment of our lives.
They teach us “To spread seeds of happiness“. We can do this through words of support and encouragement, through acts of service or a simple smile.

They teach us that “You are Beautiful in our own way“. Respect, Acknowledge and Be Grateful to yourself for what you are.

Let’s be like sunflowers, made of light, positivity, happiness, confidence, and the ability to light our own paths. This will guide us towards true happiness.